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Meredith's End - featuring Manuela Fuchs

Project type

Music Production


October 2018


Basel & Avignon, Switzerland & France

Music production of the song "Meredith's End" by Vojislav Anicic

Originally composed for the opening scene of a Grey's Anatomy episode as one of my college assignments at Berklee College of Music, the piece was on stand-by for five years. Until one day....

Featuring Manuela Fuchs on trumpet, the piece was recorded in two sessions with a Rode K2 Valve microphone. Manuela delivered a fantastic performance and the recording was approved by Al Schmitt himself. Interestingly, two months after finishing the song it was selected by a Hollywood based music agency to be further promoted and is now in Sony's ATV Europe catalogue.

Special thanks to:

Manuela Fuchs: Trumpet

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