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Tessellation - featuring Jonas Willimann

Project Type

Music Production


March 2022


Basel, Switzerland

Music production of the song "Tessellation" by Vojislav Anicic

Originally the piece "Tessellation" was composed for the opening scene of a movie. Later, the scene was cut from the movie all together. The piece didn't make it into the movie, and was on stand-by, until it was decided to finish it and hire a cellist to record it.
Featuring Jonas Willimann - Resident Cellist at the City Lights Orchestra Switzerland - the piece was recorded over a period of two months and three sessions.

The piece was recorded using 2 Schoeps microphones, positioned in front of the instrument and above the cello. Cover photography is provided by Robert Nakiewicz.

Special thanks to:

Jonas Willimann: Cello
Robert Nakiewicz: Photography

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