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Artificial Intelligence

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

When it comes to design, the world has trusted trained and professional designers to come up with all sorts of designs for future products and styles. Artificial intelligence in the form of very powerful computer systems and algorithms is catching up fast, at least from what is seen from computer generated images so far. When will the algorithms catch up with music and will it make musicians, composers and producers useless?

Amazing results

On platforms like you can use the latest generation of image generating algorithms to instruct the machines using descriptive language and words. The machine then takes a moment to come up with four different versions of how it interpreted your inputs. From there you can either upscale your images, refine your inputs or create variations of the images. The journey is fascinating and surprising.

​​How is this going to impact poeples perception of art? Can the algorithms be manipulated by the sheer amount of inputs? Are there any tendencies of wheter the systems will output more and more similar results if fed with repeating instructions of form and look?

A.I. Music

There have been several experiments with instructing computers and algorithms to compose music in differnet genres. The results are astonishing. The chords are carefully chosen, the music is elegantly arranged, it sounds correct. But not yet....catchy enough, it seems.

People love to be surprised...well, not with anything. While instruments have to sound nearly identical to a real world instrument in order for us to buy it, song arrangements can take on more experimental adventures in oder to excite us. It's a little bit like watching a crime movie...if we already know what's coming, we very quickly loose interest. But if the story takes a few unexpected turns, it keeps us interested and excited...because we don't know what's coming next.

Finding the right balance to fulfill certain expectations while playing with them at the same time, is a very intuitive art. And intuition is not easy to mimic....let's see how long the machines take for it.

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