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VSTUDIOS tested EHRLUND microphones

Model EHR-T from EHRLUND Sweden

VSTUDIOS has had the opportunity to test EHRLUND's large diaphragm microphones models EHR-T and EHR-M. AND WE ARE AMAZED!

These microphones operate on triangular membranes and the sound is just fantastic. We recorded mainly acoustic guitars, percussion and some electric guitars as well. And the results were absolutely brilliant. The sound is clear, has a defined low end, soft highs and a mellow and clear middle range.

We have tested both models and the sound is nearly identical. The model T offers you "omni" capabilities by having a second membrane with a separate output on the mic, so you can use the rear membrane to record any sound hitting the back of the microphone. The EHRLUND patented dual triangular membrane design offers you everything you need later in the mix.

Here are a few specs on the T model:

Type Twin condenser microphone

Membrane type Dual triangular membrane, combines the characteristics of both large and small membranes

Pickup patterns Cardioid, supercardioid, bi-directional and omnidirectional

Frequency range 7 – 87000 Hz

Sensitivity at 1kHz -33 dBV/Pa (23 mV/Pa)

Impedance Handles all impedances

Equivalent noise level < 7 dBA

Signal-to-noise 87 dBA

Dynamic range 115 dB

Max SPL (peak)0.5% THD 116 dB

1% THD 122 dB

Power supply 48 V Phantom power

Current consumption 4.0 mA (2.0 mA per channel)

Connector 5-pin XLR female to 2x 3-pin XLR male

Materials Aircraft-grade aluminium body, hardened nickel-plated stainless steel net

Finish Glass bead blasting

Dimensions Ø60 mm x 155 mm

Weight 345 grams

(information reposted from ERLUND's website:

Frequency Response model EHR-T:

Polar Pattern model EHR-T:

The sound of both EHRLUND microphones is very transparent and uncoloured. EHRLUND microphones are an excellent choice if you are looking for that clear, untouched and open sounding experience. The one quality of these outstanding microphones is their neutral and open sound, that is unmatched in their price range.

We combined the EHRLUND EHR-T with an SM57 and a NEUMANN KM184 and achieved a beautiful and well balanced guitar sound, although we didn't use too much of the other signals besides the EHRLUND tracks. It also worked perfectly in front of a Marshal amp, the sound here was rather bright, but very clear and edgy, making it easy to place it in the mix.

All percussion tracks didn't take any post editing, but instead were easily placed in the arrangement and balanced quickly. We were surprised how well these mics performed. A triangular membrane is not something you'd expect in a mic, or see very often. We became a fan of EHRLUND microphones and we will definitely use them on future projects, especially when it comes to keeping the pure and true sound quality of instruments or vocals, like known from classical or jazz recordings.

You should definitely try them if you are looking for the true and pure sound of your recordings, no matter what you record.



Dealer Switzerland:

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